Front Porch Days is just around the corner in Plum Creek.  With 2000+ homes in the neighborhood, Front Porch Days allows you introduce your organization to our residents and guests.  The event runs rain or shine.   

*All products and food must be approved in order for you to sell them at the event. We limit the number of vendors selling the same or similar items, especially food.  Food vendors are limited to selling two items. You will receive an email and/or phone call to notify you of item approval.  Alcohol is not allowed at this event.

Set-up time begins at 10:00 am.  You are responsible for bringing your own set-up and supplies, including tables, chairs, tents, extension cords, etc.  Tents are strongly encouraged due to Texas weather conditions.  If you have questions, please contact the Plum Creek HOA office at 512-262-1140 or

 Booths may not be disassembled before 4 Pm. 

Businesses:  The space fee is $30.00 per 10’x10’ location.  If you need electricity, an additional $5 fee will be charged. 


Community Groups and Non-Profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations or community groups selling food will be charged the vendor booth fee.Please contact Plum Creek HOA Office for more information. 

Sunday, May 20th 

Vending starts at 12 PM & ends at 4 Pm

Checks are made payable to:

Plum Creek HOA

Submit form & booth payment to:

Plum Creek HOA

4100 Everett Suite 150

Kyle, TX 78640

Submit form and payment by May 4th. 

Designated Non-Profit Selling Drinks

A non-profit is designated to sell drinks.